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3 Dec 2021

Angra - Spread Your Fire

appears on Temple of Shadows (2005)

Hey, you - feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut? Lacking the get up and go you need? Well, sit down for this one, because this song is the audio equivalent of about fifteen lines of cocaine and then getting the next thirty years of whatever you were going to do done in one afternoon.

But that’s just way the it goes with Angra, Brazil’s answer to the question “just how epic can it get?”. The five-piece might have swapped up their sound plenty – ranging from very typical heavy metal, to power symphonic, to more folksy efforts if you can believe it – but they’ve racked up a cult following pretty much everywhere they go, due in no small part to how obvious it is that they love the genre and everything in it.

This week’s song is taken from their 2005 album Temple of Shadows; a concept album about, and I’m quoting this, “the saga of a crusader knight that ends up disputing the expansionist ideals of the Catholic Church in the eleventh century”. Now, quite what that actually looks like when it’s happening is one thing. But if it kicked as much ass as it sounds like it would set to this album, and this song in particular? I’m almost tempted to disrupt a few ideals myself.

For your listening pleasure, this is Angra, this is Spread Your Fire and this is hopefully the most epic thing you’ve listened to all week.

Posted by Eddie "thinks ‘Crusader’ would be a great name for a chocolate bar" Hull

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