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17 Nov 2023

Creeper - Be My End

appears on Sex, Death & the Infinite Void (2020)

Whoever is ready to be a bit mardy, a term which here means “sad, grumpy or otherwise melancholy”, raise your hand. Now, whoever is ready to get all energetic and dance, could you also raise your hand, please? Okay, now all of you high-five each other and enjoy this one equally, please, because there’s plenty of room for everyone this week.

In a world where art rock stylings have propelled bands like Ghost into the stratosphere, some critics say that this whole rock business is as easy as playing a Genesis song while dressed up as the Pope. Those critics should be fed to the wolves, of course, though it hasn’t stopped some acts from trying to cruise their way on flashiness rather than being, you know, good at their instruments and stuff. The Southampton, England based Creeper are under no such illusion that looks alone will get you where you want, because they’re backing it up with the business too.

A sort of My Chemical Romance meets The Cure (they haven’t invented tissues absorbent enough for the tears of that science experiment) blend with a splat of indie fun thrown in, Creeper are one of those bands that just make good music over and over and it’s a joy to hear what their experimental style might produce. Will it appeal to everyone? Definitely not. But there are plenty of acts that gain a rabid fanbase but turn off everyone else. Like the aforementioned MCR, or the aforementioned Pope.

With all that said, our pick for your Rock Song of the Week is a happy-sad doozy. Be My End a guaranteed perfect soundtrack to that any given Friday morning feeling, where laughing or crying is never more than a coinflip away because of your proximity to that weekend promised land. Give it your best Robert Smith; don’t be afraid to let that mascara run chasing a good time.

Posted by Eddie "hot pink stompers" Hull

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