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29 Mar 2024

Unheilig - Für Immer

appears on Grosse Freiheit (2010)

Quick content warning before we get on with the music – there’s a covered, but still very visible shot of a nude woman from the back in the video for this one. We all know your boss/mum is guaranteed to walk in exactly when that scene happens, so you might want to watch this one somewhere safe. An underwater bunker, or the Moon if your mum is as tenacious as mine.

It’s that time again. If I had a dollar for every German band that mixed pounding techno with hard, distorted rock down-strumming, I’d have 28 dollars. That’s if Wikipedia is to be believed, anyway. When has Wikipedia ever been wrong? But that is the way of the Neue Deutsche Härte, or NDH (or New German Hardness, if like us you were listening to Megadeth rather than doing words good at school). A genre so mightily masculine it could put a beard on a rock through exposure to it, it’s the playground of juggernauts like Rammstein, Oomph! and at least three more bands that have a member of Rammstein in them. This week we are shining the spotlight on Unheilig, a German (shocker) outfit that you could draw some similarity to the aforementioned Rammstein to; picture if Till Lindemann had founded New World Order instead, it’s that sort of ballpark sound-wise. 

Sporting what can only be described as chin sideburns (chinburns?), lead singer Bernd Heinrich blasts across the space between your speakers and your ears in cavernous style, before the rest of Für Immer blows a serene start out of the water with a thumping technoblend that is going to energise any lethargic Friday in just the right way. It’s a monster of a track once it gets rolling and, rightfully, our Rock Song of the Week. We take no responsibility for unexpected beards grown while listening to it. Unless it makes you look cool, in which case let everyone know it was us. We could use some positive hair-based press coverage for a change. 

Posted by Eddie "unholy in one" Hull

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