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27 Nov 2020

The Offspring - Gone Away

appears on Ixnay on the Hombre (1997)

Long before Five Finger Death Punch got their death punchy mits on it and made it sound a bit country, one of the biggest punk bands of the 90's, The Offspring had one of their first really hits with this emotionally charged track. Taken from their '97 album Ixnay on the Hombre, the song has a bit more of a sombre tone to it than their usual tongue-in-cheek stuff, but it paid off. Dripping with angst and drama, this one definitely made it's way onto many a melodramatic teenager's playlist (yup .. including a few of mine back in the day*).

It's been covered quite a bit over the years as well with varying degrees of success, most recently as I mentioned above, by Five Finger Death Punch who made it sound a 'bit country' but still did a pretty solid job. None of these covers though quite topped the original.

So here, this week, we present Gone Away. Enjoy!

* "The day", as it happens, was a Wednesday.

Posted by Cooper "Business on Tuesdays, Naked on Wednesdays" Crawley

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