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3 Mar 2023

Self Deception - PSYCHO

appears on You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets (2023)

There's a bit of a weird niche out there (well, there's several, depending on which parts of the internet you frequent), but the one I'm talking about is rock and metal tracks that feature "cheerleader" chorus lines.  It's a catchy little gimmick that's almost guaranteed to create a good earworm.  There's probably more than a few out there in the wild but two big examples spring to mind, Faith No More's 1992 track Be Aggressive and the totally-not-the-same song mOBSCENE by Marylin Manson that followed just over a decade later.  Well, dear readers, we have unearthed another one for your listening pleasure as our pick of the week this week.

Self Deception are an electronic / rock outfit hailing from Sweden, and whilst the music is definitely electronic, their most recent album (which only dropped a little over a week ago) at least definitely dances into the heavier end of the spectrum and has more than enough grit for the average headbanger to get their teeth into.  Our pick this week is taken from that album, You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets, and is one of quite a few stand out tracks on there.  So, without further ado, we present PSYCHO for your listening pleasure!

Posted by Cooper "will b-e aggressive, but only on Tuesdays" Crawley

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