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14 Oct 2022

Rammstein - Sonne

appears on Mutter (2001)

We all remember the video* for this one, don’t we? I’m sure it awakened something in plenty of people reading this – whether that was for being spanked by a giant Snow White or something to do with sweaty German dwarves. Don’t worry, I ain’t judging.

Let’s move past the burgeoning appreciation for something salacious, however, and onto the band we’re here for. Born out of Berlin in 1994, Rammstein have been pumping out their relentless brand of industrial, Neue Deutsche Harte (New German Hardness for the non-Germanic among us) metal with near missile precision ever since; heavy, distorted riffs and iconic bass-laden vocal talents of Till Lindemann making it impossible to listen to any of the songs from their eight album strong back catalogue without a bobbing of the head or a stomping of the feet.

Now back to the song - Sonne is not only a no holds barred crusher from start to finish, but also features an interesting history to boot. According to the word of God (or Till Lindemann, but really where’s the difference) the song was originally written and recorded as a ring entrance theme for Vitali Klitschko, known primarily for being the boxing equivalent of a freight train with a pair of boxing gloves nailed onto it and now serving as the Mayor of Kyiv. That version of the song does exist as a demo on YouTube, if you’re interested, but honestly I could have told you that story about pretty much any Rammstein song and you would have bought it as the potential lead up to a man beating another man up in a sanctioned event. In the best possible way, obviously.

All that said, there’s little doubt in my mind that this week’s selection for the Rock Song of the Week is going to get people bouncing like there are fire ants crawling around on their legs, so I leave it in your capable hands – or, ears, I guess – to enjoy. Just try to stay still while this one is playing, I bet you can’t.

Note: The original video is age restricted on YouTube, so we weren't able to embed it. If you want to check it out, you'll find it here

Posted by Eddie "the eighth dwarf" Hull

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