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17 Feb 2023

Oceans - Skin

appears on Hell Is Where the Heart Is (2022)

"THIS IS HOW YOU DO A BALLAD!" ... is what I found myself yelling to nobody in particular about our pick of the week this week when it floated into my eardrums for the first time not too long ago.  Given that it was valentine's day recently and this one definitely fits the criteria of being a love song, it seems like the perfect time to add this one to our list.

The band behind it, Oceans, are relative newcomers to the scene only having formed in 2017 in Germany.  But oh, they've been busy.  With 2 EPs and 2 full albums to their name in that time along with what sounds like a fairly busy touring schedule, they definitely haven't been sitting idle.  Whilst their sound arguably falls into the "modern metal" category, there's enough interesting twists and turns to make them not so much stand out of the crowd, but rather they leap out of it, tear your face off and then soothingly stitch it back on.

Our pick this week comes from their most recent offering, Hell Is Where The Heart Is, which was originally released as 3 separate chapters before becoming available as a full album - a clever approach in the age of streaming where singles are king, whilst still catering to the older full album lovers amongst us.  Anyway, sidetracking into discussions about marketing isn't exactly metal, so without further hesitation, indulge yourself in this week's Rock Song Of The Week - Skin.

Posted by Cooper "yells music opinions at people on the bus" Crawley

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