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21 Jun 2024

Nestor - Victorious

appears on Teenage Rebel (2024)

Contemporary rock music that truly scratches that nostalgic itch is hard to come by nowadays. Granted, if you ask some people, they seem to think that the past should be left well enough alone, with the aloof air of a time-traveller with a large, probably alien stick up their backside. Here at Rock Song of the Week, however, we live for a bit of times gone by and literally cannot be convinced otherwise. Seriously, payroll used to be done in He-Man action figures here before HR cracked down on it. Does that say more about us than the time-travellers? We haven’t had our Annual Stick Inspection yet, so that’s to be determined.

Thankfully it’s time to sing Hallelujah, folks, because we lowly people of Earth have been saved from sonic boredom. Our saviours, Nestor, are not aliens, but rather a Swedish rock five-piece that take that iconic 80s sound and have as much fun as they possibly can with it. Not that you’d know by looking at their albums on Spotify, but Nestor are technically an 80s band; formed in 1989, before a 1995 breakup and a 2022 reunion. This gives them a pedigree most imitators can’t claim, but even if they had popped up yesterday and started playing tunes like they do, they’d be head and shoulders above anyone else in the rose-tinted glasses game.

So if you love your Fridays on the Journey and Bon Jovi end of the Rock scale, we’ve got you covered and then some. Replete with enough mainlined nostalgia to kill even the most washed up 80s rock legend and guitar solo that will peel the paint off of your walls and the face off of your skull, Victorious is a tincture, a tonic and a cure-all for the part of your soul that was born in the wrong generation. The video for this one is a cracker, too. If you find yourself anywhere within the Venn diagram of fully mullet-ed 80’s nostalgia and some sort of evil wizard who coaches a hockey team, you’ll be right at home. And should probably be doing album cover work, too.

Posted by Eddie "tight trousers, tighter budget" Hull

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