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1 Jan 2021

Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos

appears on Youthanasia (1994)

Dave Mustaine was very famously in the original line up of Metallica. Dave Mustaine was also infamously a bit of a handful during his time with the band, and was fired before they released their first album. Dave didn't take this lightly. In fact, Dave responded by forming Megadeth, and ever since, then metal fans have repeatedly argued at length about which was the better band (worth noting that Megadeth has never released a country song). Whilst there's no denying that Metallica's early albums are ear shreddingly awesome, Megadeth always answered back with their own tour de force.

Throughout the 80's, both bands kicked out some truly legendary albums that pretty much defined a whole genre. As the 80's became the 90's, Betamax lost to VHS, Bill & Ted had a bogus journey and somewhere in Seattle a cardigan wearing hipster sent shock waves through the world of rock, both bands started to change their sound. Whilst Metallica arguably made the most jarring shift into the realms of bluesy radio friendly rock with Load (see the aforementioned country song), Megadeth released Youthanasia, which whilst it featured a more commercial sound to it's predecessors, managed to somehow still mix in all of the ingredients that made a classic Megadeth album.

So, history lesson aside, from that album, here's Addicted to Chaos. We'll probably pick up on both Metallica and Megadeth again at some point because in all honesty, there's a lot of awesome material there.

Oh, and happy 2021 rock fans ... here's hoping this year will be a little less of a clusterf**k!

Posted by Cooper "Swanky Sideburns" Crawley

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