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14 Jul 2023

Fozzy - Judas

appears on Judas (2017)

There aren’t many things that go hand in hand more sweetly that a love of heavy music and professional wrestling. Like chips and dip or traumatic spine injuries and opiates, the two are as close as brothers in the entertainment sphere. Though if the thought of two sweaty athletes slapping each other around according to script like an episode of Eastenders where the costume department got the delivery for Gladiators by mistake doesn’t get your blood pumping by itself, then frankly I can’t help you any more than I already am.

While wrestling themes in general are viewed in the same musical category as novelty Christmas tracks or a child banging pots and pans together to the colder critics, you really have to be fair to both Fozzy and frontman Chris Jericho; it’s an iconic theme for a suitably iconic wrestler. Chris Jericho has slapped his way through the best of them in a career that has lasted remarkably long for someone who gets even the pretend shit kicked out of them for a living. And as for claims that Fozzy are merely a vehicle for his rockstar persona to move into the music industry? Erm… hmm… anyway, moving on.

Enough of all this wordy nonsense; the bell has rung, so grab the nearest table and suplex your coworker through it while the infinitely catchy and suitably energising “Judas” takes hold of all your listening functions for at least four minutes of carnage. If you can manage to make it all the way through without copying the repetition of the line “my life” in the chorus, you actually qualify to apply for the Dalai Lama position on display of willpower alone.

Posted by Eddie "wocka wocka" Hull

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