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5 Jul 2024

Ethos - Echoes

appears on Vessels (2012)

We like to surprise you with a little something now and again here at Rock Song of the Week. Occasionally, it’s a full-length article! For the most part, we love to bring you music that may have passed you by. Deep cuts from bands you know and, not to spoil the ending of this writeup, bands who have avoided the radar like a proverbial SR-71.

There are levels to the low popularity of some bands, though. Some – what’s the scientific phrase? The crap ones? – achieve just as much fame as they deserve, and in some cases notoriety that equals a higher level of fame. Whereas some are simply not thrust into the spotlight for one reason or another. Unsigned or independent bands, a camp that Ethos calls home. They’ve been kicking about for a decade and a half, after all, and we’re betting they’re not a band you’d easily recall at a pub quiz. You’re missing out, is the thing. The prog rockers are a wonderful combination of style and substance that, while possibly a little too raw in places for some, are a unique and fully welcome addition to any library. If you can stand the caveats of prog and its sometimes, let’s say exploratory storytelling. 

With all that said, there’s no reason to miss out on Ethos for one second longer. A little bit of everything, tied together with craftmanship that is as raw and rock-n-roll as it is meticulously pieced together, Echoes might not be like much you’ve heard but, now that you have heard it, odds are good you’ll listen to a little bit more. Sometimes new is good – especially the sort of new that has plenty of history. All the more to get your teeth stuck into now you’re potentially in love with them now. 

Posted by Eddie "a most progmatic fellow" Hull

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