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4 Mar 2022

Descendents - Thinkin’

appears on Hypercaffium Spazzinate (2016)

Descendents are a band that I have more love for than I can really express. I really do; they’re one of the first punk bands that I was ever introduced to and they helped shape my very healthy love of getting punched half to death in moshpits in the name of rock and metal music. But so help me, I’ve spent an extra ten minutes on this article fighting the spell check because of the “E” where the “A” would be in the traditional spelling and I’m going insane. It’s still a real word, Microsoft!

All that nonsense aside, lets take a few minutes to celebrate a band who have been kicking ass and taking names for, various iterations and hiatuses factored in, 45 goddamn years. One of the forerunners and shapers of the original hardcore punk scene in Los Angeles, California, the four-piece have been sick to death of something or other for nearly half a century and have been making sure we know about with a blend of melodic yet lightening quick and technically fantastic punk music the whole time.

Musically speaking, they’ve definitely softened over the years but the fact their ideas, presentation and choices are still razor sharp after so long are testament to a band who are pretty damn close to perfect in their category. I love them and you should too, so sit back and relax, or jump up and break shit to our pick for the Rock Song of the Week this time around, Thinkin’. It’s short and sweet, like a powdered-sugar gnome, with significantly fewer calories.

Posted by Eddie "what’s an extra A between friends?" Hull

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