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4 Sep 2020

Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix

appears on Nymphetamine (2004)

This week we bring you Cradle of Filth, a band who very much live up to their name, as their music can be best described as "utter filth". And we love it!

Aside from the music, Cradle are also known for their strangely arousing and provocative artwork. They're also responsible for that infamous t-shirt that you may remember the edgy guy in your school would always insist on wearing on non uniform day (or mufti day as it was known back then in the UK).

The track we're showcasing this week is actually one of their rare slower songs. Taken from their 6th album of the same name .. here's Nymphetamine Fix (a shorter version of the full length track that appears earlier in the album, but doesn't have a video for it .. so .. what can you do).

(We wanted to put track 2 from this album as our song of the week, but shockingly there isn't a good video copy of it floating around on the internet.

Posted by Cooper "Guess The Smell" Crawley

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