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2 Dec 2022

Candlemass - At The Gallows End

appears on Nightfall (1987)

As far as the use of the word “definitive” goes, it doesn’t get much more definitive than having the entire genre you’re a part of named after one of your albums. Well, apparently so, anyway. That’s like if Thrash Metal was actually called Metslayanthregadeth metal – which, now I’ve typed it out, sounds pretty hardcore in a fairly abstract sort of way.

Needless to say, then, it’s difficult to understate the importance of Candlemass on that genre we call Doom Metal whether their debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus actually gave birth to that name or not. Born from a presumably fairly gloomy part of Sweden if their musical influence is anything to go by, Candlemass have been enthralling audiences with their instantly recognisable brand of low tuned, heavily distorted instruments and booming, deep vocals since their formation in 1984 right up until the present day, albeit with a few hiatuses and breaks sprinkled into that period of time.

It can be moody, emotionally heavy stuff at times, but what’s great about Candlemass as a band – and presumably one of the reasons they’ve remained so popular and well thought of after all this time and more than a handful of lineup changes – is how remarkably consistent and genuine they’ve remained in that time. Influenced heavily by early Black Sabbath (what band in the 80s weren’t influenced by them in some form is a pretty short list, granted) they’ve kept that distinct tone alive and well, never bending or bucking to popular trend. They make the music they want to make and it’s a big old helping of gravy that the music they make happens to be pretty darn good at the same time!

So, I’m leaving this week’s selection, At The Gallows End, in your capable ears as I’m more than certain you’ll be able to handle it, being the cool and beautiful types that you all are. Listen loud, allow yourself permission to mope around a little and enjoy a thoroughly good song at the same time. It’s what Fridays were made for!... well, my Fridays, anyway.

Posted by Eddie "Doom Metal – not just a meme" Hull

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