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11 Dec 2020

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

appears on 15 (2005)

For a while, this, along with a few select Def Leppard, Warrant and Motley Crue tracks, was a staple of strip clubs and any movie scene featuring a strip club. It might not be their best song, but it's definitely Buckcherry's best known track. It's trashy, it's catchy, it's Crazy Bitch.

The original music video for this one was a bit controversial and was set in, yep, you guessed it, a strip club. It was available in both an X-rated and clean version which was still too much for MTV at the time (Yes, MTV .. they used to play music videos once upon a time). Unfortunately we can't find that version, so here's the watered down 2006 take on it which features the band in a jail cell while some oversexed police officers definitely fail to do their job properly.

Posted by Stanley "Only on the Farm" Rochester

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