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20 May 2022

Ashes Divide - The Stone

appears on Keep Telling Myself It's Alright (2008)

Billy Howerdel is probably best known as the co-founder and most intense looking member of A Perfect Circle, a feat that's hard to achieve when you've also got Maynard James Keenan of Tool fame in your band. The main musical driving force behind the band and their very unique sound (seriously, if you haven't heard Thirteenth Step, you've done yourself a disservice), he's also provided music for games and other projects, and, in 2008, between APC albums, released a solo album under the name Ashes Divide (stylised as ASHES dIVIDE).

And that folks, is where today's song of the week comes from. Like most of APC's albums, it's a solid listen from start to finish so I had a hard time picking a particular song. I've decided to go with The Stone, which was released as a single and has a pretty creative and trippy video to accompany it.

Howerdel is about to release another solo album in June 2022, having dropped the Ashes Divide moniker in favour of his own name, and based on the two tracks released so far I can't wait to hear it.

Posted by Cooper "stares broodingly into the lens" Crawley

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