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7 Apr 2023

A Wilhelm Scream - Check Request Denied

appears on Career Suicide (2007)

Time to strap on your Health-Checking-Device-Of-Choice, fellow rockers, because some heart rates are about to go up. If you like your music with plenty of tempo and at least one reference to well known film sound effects, then boy do we have the band for you this time around.

Founded in 1993 as the fantastically maturely named Adam’s Crack (none of the band members past or present seem to have been called Adam, so email in if you know how that came to be or if you’re Adam himself), A Wilhelm Scream have been delivering punchy good times to the masses without misstep since then. Having veered between genres rather headily since their inception – there was a trumpet in there somewhere around the late 90s – the band have settled on a rough and ready melodic hardcore feel that never fails to get the blood pumping. Please have a friend check that you’re not clinically dead if this isn’t the case.

A short and sweet slice of said melodic hardcore to get you smashing up keyboards in the office (Rock Song of the Week cannot be held accountable for keyboard based injuries), Check Request Denied is just the thing to shake off the end of the week slump with some bouncing, high-energy fun. Remember, crowdkilling is always a no-go, especially in the breakroom; but if Keith from HR is a bit of a nightmare, people might look the other way.

Posted by Eddie "man of a thousand cliches" Hull

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